#ModelMonday: Curves On The Runway

Life Styled Honors Model Elizabeth


Hey divas and dudes! With it being Monday, we could share a man crush or two but with all these baddies on our team, its only right that we give a huge shout out to our models. So yeah, It is #ModelMonday and these ladies are confident and cute AF with all curves, no brakes.

If you’ve been rocking with Life Styled Honors since the event’s beginning in 2014, you know that there certain elements that make it a memorable experience. Of course, the honorees but another very memorable and important element are the models.

The Life Styled Honors event is home to an amazing group of models.  These ladies are the reason we boast such diversity on the runway; they are different ages, sizes, shapes, and experiences.  Each of them brings their own flavor to the runway, making for an electrifying runway experience every time.

These ladies are also successful in their own right modeling for big-named brands, shooting with world-renowned photographers and slaying runways all over the world! Some are familiar faces who are infamous for WERKing the Life Styled Honors runway and some are newbies but they all are coming to slay.

We are excited to introduce the 2019 Life Styled Honors Models:

Oh and I am sure our ladies will be strutting their stuff with a little extra umph this year as we celebrate their model sister, former Life Styled Honors model and 2020 Life Styled Honors Honoree, Devorah Story.

Wait, do you have your tickets? If not you are playing yourself because Life Styled Honors will be LIT from beginning to end! Well, let me help you out, CLICK HERE for your tickets. Since we are still riding the wave from International Women’s Day, I want you to enjoy a little discount on the VIP tickets as we celebrate these curvy cuties. Use the code, ModelMonday

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