Curvy Fox Is Coming The Life Styled Honors Runway

Life Styled Honors designer, Curvy Fox

We are just 62 days away from the 7th Annual Life Styled Honors and excited is an understatement. Not only are we ready to see the fruit of our labor, but we are also ready to celebrate this year’s amazing honorees and to mix it up with all you lovely ladies and fly guys.

Because we are committed to assuring that you know exactly what to expect at this year’s Life Styled Honors, we are constantly spilling our tea. Today’s tea is that we are welcoming a brand that is new to the Life Styled Honors runway. This brand bears a name that in my opinion all of my curvy girls personify, Curvy Fox.

 Curvy Fox is a luxury lifestyle brand designed for the ever-changing silhouette of real women. The brand was founded out of necessity by Christina Howell, a creative who translates her own personal experience of style into confidence-boosting designs.

While the fashion industry has begun to embrace curvy women more and there are many swimwear collections for plus-size women, Curvy Fox is a breath of fresh air. Each collection features eye-catching details such as vibrant prints and designs that accommodate different shapes that also empower women to defy traditional beauty standards and embrace the Curvy Fox within.

Christina’s designs provide a curve embracing fit for fashion-forward plus-size women who understand that beauty does not have just one definition. Oh and, we are here for all of this because life is too short to allow your beauty to be defined according to standards other than your own.

Welcome Curvy Fox, we look for to you serving up and dishing out some of Spring and Summer’s sexiest swimwear.

Oh but wait, do you have tickets? Because If you don’t have tickets you are playing yourself; tickets are selling fast. Click HERE to get your ticket or miss this drip!

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  1. Avatar Lakisha Clark


    How can I be a designer or vendor? I am so sorry excited and interested.

  2. Avatar Lakisha Clark


    How can I get a designer or vendor?

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