Life Styled Honors Welcomes Jibri Back To The Runway

Life Styled Honors Designer Jibri
Life Styled Honors Designer Jibri

Iconic moments in plus size fashion has been the topic of discussion lately. Although there are some who say that plus size fashion doesn’t have icons or iconic moments in fashion, I totally disagree. While we may not have the option of being draped in Gucci, we do have our own designers who assure that plus size women have options. Without a doubt, Jibri owner Jasmine Elder is one of those designers.

When you’re at supernova status, the world knows you only by one name. Madonna, Prince, Beyonce, Fendi, and Gucci… when you hear it, you automatically know who they are. You recognize them not just for the name, for their craft and the creativity. In plus size fashion, this rings true for JIBRI.

JIBRI is a powerhouse fashion brand respected for creating fashion-forward garments for the fashion-conscious plus-size woman, sizes 10-28. Although the brand mimics the high-end brand’s quality and impeccable style, it’s pricing pale in comparison.

Jibri designer, Jasmine Elder is a 2017 Life Styled Honoree, who was raised in Atlanta. Jasmine’s initial introduction to garment construction was in high school by her teenage friend and mentor, Jibri Mann, whom she named the brand after in 2006.

Officially launched in 2009, JIBRI designs have been worn by many curvy beauties such as Tamela Mann,  Tasha Cobbs, Kiera Sheard, Jill Scott, Toccara, Amber Riley, Chrissy Metz, Chastity Valentine, Gabourey Sidibe, Loni Love, and yours truly.

In an interview with The Curvy Fashionista, Jasmine shares, “I’ve been the girl sitting in the corner at the party because I wasn’t comfortable and I’ve been the girl that walks the floor 3,000 times.  I love giving that to women.  To be able to provide it for an entire group of women who the industry has ignored makes me extremely happy.”

If this is not living a Life Styled to slay life, we don’t know what is! This year, you can check out the latest from JIBRI on the runway during the 7th Annual Life Styled Honors fashion showcase.

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