Life Styled Honors Welcomes Lane Bryant Back As Curves En Blanc Sponsor

Curves En Blanc Flyer


Per usual, the Life Styled Honors team is working around the clock to assure we don’t have to rely on luck as we prepare for year 7. As with every year prior to this year, the goal is to make this year’s event is the best one yet! One of the major keys to that is our all-white soiree, Curves En Blanc!

Curves En Blanc is THE premier party destination of the Life Styled Honors weekend! Nope, this is not like any other party you have attended, Curves En Blanc is a party party. Guests eat, drink and dance like no one is watching and honestly, they aren’t watching because they are too busy following suit! Guests will have the opportunity to socialize, network, and party with some of the most prominent names in the industry, including your favorite models, designers, and blogger baes! And that’s just the beginning…

The evening also features a night of fabulous style, delicious bites (from the renowned  Suite Food Lounge kitchen), and signature drinks (“Lane-tini” , “Cacique Cosmo”, or “Mauirita” anyone?) curated by our Curves En Blanc sponsor, Lane Bryant!

Yes, Lane Bryant is back as the sponsor of Curves En Blanc for a second year!

Lane Bryant proved last year that they know how to party with the best of them and that they specialize in nothing but fabulousness, so you already know! Yes, Curves En Blanc will come with all the vibes needed to keep things lit from beginning to end. Oh, did I mention those loaded gift bags we have become notoriously known for? Yeah, that too!

Curves En Blanc

Listen bruh and sis, If I were you, I would gather my crew and head over to the Life Styled Honors Eventbrite to grab tickets and book my room because this event will be sold out soon. Not convinced it’s worth a trip to Atlanta? Check out last year’s turn up, now multiply that by 7!

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