Maui’s Daughter Welcomes Carol’s Daughter To Life Styled Honors

Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh and Daja Amyia

Hey cyber aunties and uncles, it’s Daja! I Don’t know about you but I am so excited about my mom’s event, Life Styled Honors. You know I have to be excited to be actually writing a blog post about it. LOL! Well, I guess it is a combination of two exciting things that made me write this post; first, there is my excitement about the event and then there is my excitement about one of my favorite brands, Carol’s Daughter sponsoring the event.

I am very proud of my mom for defying the odds and having this event every year. I remember the first time she had it, I was 10 years old. She called me after the show, crying like a baby saying “I did it! The event was amazing and It sold out!” Zay and I were so happy because she had been working so hard and because she had promised to bring us some goodies home the next day. Since then the event has grown so much and it proves what my mom always tells me and Zay, “anything is possible if you believe and work hard!”

Carol's Daughter

The reason I am so excited about Carol’s Daughter being a sponsor this year is because I love the brand. I have been using their products for a while. They have great products for my natural hair and my dry itchy skin caused by eczema. Carol’s Daughter is such a must-have that I even purchase it with my own money if I have to. Now that is love because at 16 years old with no job, my money is funny and what I do have, goes towards my weekend fun with friends. However, I am always open to making a sacrifice for my Carol’s Daughter because it helps me keep things cute.

So yeah, I am excited and ready to celebrate my mom’s 6th anniversary and her amazing honorees with all of you and Carol’s Daughter. Oh and guess what? My mom and Carol’s Daughter are having a giveaway that will give two mother/daughter teams the VIP treatment at Life Styled Honors. That means two days of fun and fabulousness for mom and a day of fashion, empowerment, and togetherness for mother and daughter. Mom can attend Curves En Blanc Friday night at Suite Food Lounge and enjoy all the adult fun. Then Saturday both mommy and daughter can come out to Life Styled Honors and hang out with me, my mom and Carol’s Daughter team. To enter, all you have to do is comment under this post on any of Life Styled Honors platforms. P.S. you’re not getting “flewed Out” so if you’re not local remember you will be responsible for travel but it is worth it.

Okay, enough of all this, I have selfies to take and its time for me to do what I do best, aggravate my mom! PEACE!

Got your tickets for Life Styled Honors? If not, get them HERE!

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  1. I would to bring my daughter. We will be in attendance on Saturday. She is learning photography and this would be awesome!

  2. Avatar Kelly Jones

    You taught me something! I didn’t realize Carol’s Daughter had a skin care product that treats eczema! Awesome Sauce! Proud of you and your Mom!

    1. Yes, and it is great!

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