Let’s Talk Plus Size Dating With Our Engagement Sponsor, Pretty For A Big Gurl Series

Pretty For A Big Gurl Series
Pretty for a big gurl

Hey Divas and Dudes, happy Monday! We are exactly 38 days away from one of the most lit fashion and empowerment events, PERIODT! Today I am pleased to announce a super dope partnership with a Life Styled Honors newbie, our engagement sponsor, Pretty For A Big Gurl Series.

Pretty For A Big Gurl is a bold, in your face look into the everyday lives of vibrant, intelligent, funny and “sophisticated-ly” sometimes over the top women who just so happen to be plus size.

The series follows a group of “mis-guided girlfriends,” as they navigate through life in search of “true” happiness. This series was created to give a purposeful look into the world of love for the women who are considered “outside” the normal standards of what society deems “beautiful.” Their stories are bold, insightful, sexy, inspiring and true representations of the complexities of the female “species.”

Written and produced by Courtney Arlett, the Pretty For A Big Gurl series is a “dramedy” that gives you everything. The good, the bad and everything in between.

I am so excited to have the cast of this amazing series participating in Life Styled Honors because it is starting a conversation that needs to be had. These are the conversations that empower the women in our community to eliminate stereotypes and I am here for it all sis!

Oh but, you cant meet and party with the cast if you don’t have tickets to The 6th Annual Life Styled Honors. So do you have your tickets or are you waiting for them to sell out? If you don’t have your tickets, I got you boo! Click HERE to be in the mix.

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