Life Styled Honors Welcomes Back Urban Style Brand A+LA


Hey divas and dudes! It’s your girl Maui, back with more great news about the 6th Annual Life Styled Honors. I know some of you are thinking, more news? Yes, I told you I would be serving pre- Life Styled Honors tea until the day of the event and here I am, back with more great news.

Right now, street style is a trending topic in fashion. Don’t believe me, check the hashtag #streetstyle. One indie brand that is making waves in urban wear and street style is also a brand that has shown love and participated in Life Styled Honors for 3 consecutive years. This brand is none other than, A + LA.

A + LA, is an online boutique housed in Los Angeles and owned by stylist
Arrion Burris. The boutique supplies the demand of fashionistas who are bold and unapologetic by providing them with clothing that serves up whatever they are placing on the menu. As a lover of fashion, Arrion is committed to the slay and goes above and beyond for her customers by providing clothing, shoes and accessories from wholesale vendors, indie designers and one of a kind consignment pieces.

As we continue to prepare for the 6th Annual Life Styled Honors, we are so pleased to welcome our babe Arrion and her brand A+LA back for the 4th year. This year A+LA will have fashion on the runway, they will also be selling many of their amazing pieces in our social media and shopping lounge.

Oh but wait… You can’t shop with A+LA or check out what they are bringing to the runway if you don’t have a ticket to Life Styled Honors! Get your ticketsHERE and we will see you soon!

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