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Hey divas and dudes, happy Friday! As you prepare for your weekend and all the Super Bowl festivities, I have some super news to share. You had to know that I would be back with more great news, it is what I do and today is no different as we welcome back our house photographer Patrick Dillon, owner/ creative director of P Dillon Photography.

Patrick Dillon is a naturally creative being who loves the arts. Not only is he a skilled photographer with years of experience and training, but he is also well known and respected as a gospel music musician. Patrick has had the pleasure of training with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks, which helped him to further his skill set as a photographer. While working with Derek Blanks, Patrick became proficient at the very thing that Derek earned respect for, alter ego photo shoots. This further fueled his passion for photography.

Although Patrick begins as a wedding photographer and continues to book many weddings yearly, he has evolved into shooting products for brands, event photography and fashion photography which is how we meet back in 2016. And as they say, The rest is history!

Designs by the Wendy S. Collection

Patrick has been my personal photographer for over two years now and we have had the pleasure of doing the most out here in these lifestyle/fashion blogger streets. I have been featured in Ebony, Self Magazine, MadameNoire and many other publications with photos courtesy of P Dillon Photography. He shot most of the looks for the 1st and 2nd (coming soon) Styled IV Life books. Patrick has also been the lead photographer for Life Styled Honors for the past 2 years. So when you look through all of the amazing photos just know thats all him!

There will be a social media lounge (more info coming soon) at The 6th Annual PHAT Girl Fresh Presents Life Styled Honors and P Dillon photography will have a photo booth for all event attendees. However, you can’t attend if you don’t have a ticket. So, get your tickets now!

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    Will you be needing a Makeup Artist for the event?

    1. Hey Babe, we have already secured a beauty team.

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