Welcome Back Wendy S. Collection

Designs by the Wendy S. Collection
Designs by the Wendy S. Collection during Life Styled Honors

Hey! Hey! Hey! We are back today with more great news about this year’s Life Styled Honors. It is our goal to assure that you know every dope detail about the 6th Annual Life Styled Honors which is the reason for the weekly post. Today we have the pleasure of welcoming back one of our favorite indie designers, Wendy Striggles of the Wendy S. Collection.

Unless you have been under a rock, you know that PHAT Girl Fresh rocks hard with The Wendy S. Collection. I have been wearing pieces from this indie designer for years. Whether it was from her sample sales, a new collection straight off the runway, or something custom; Wendy Striggles has made sure that my wardrobe was lit with her pieces.

Designs by the Wendy S. Collection
Photo by P. Dillon Photography

Wendy Striggles is a vet in the game, with years of experience as a seamstress. Wendy’s work has not only blessed our runway, but she has also shared her gift in many runway showcases, including her own that was held last year with members of her creative family. The Four Seasons Fashion Experience with Alton McCullough and Edward Dillard was a huge success and one of the highlights of 2018 for the Wendy S. Collection.

Designs by the Wendy S. Collection

Speaking of 2018, The Wendy S. Collection had a pretty damn amazing year. Wendy premiered her SS18: Coastal Nights collection at Life Styled Honors and her Key Largo dress became so popular that she couldn’t make them fast enough. Then I was featured in Instyle Magazine during The Curvy Con wearing custom Wendy S. Collection. Oh and, her son got married and she had the pleasure of making the pieces for his special day.

As we prepare for the 6th Annual Life Styled Honors, we are excited to see what the Wendy S. Collection will be bringing to the runway because we know it will be a definite slay! However, you won’t know if you are not there… Get your tickets now by CLICKING HERE!

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