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Life Styled Honors Media Partner, Howell Designs

What’s up Y’all, Happy New Year! I pray that you all are off to a great start, we sure are. The entire Life Styled Honors team is so geeked about all the great things that are taking place as we prepare for this year’s event. So today, I am back with more great news about the 6th Annual Life Styled Honors.

Today I am here to share something old and something new, that I am a huge fan of. That old yet new thing is one of our 2019 Media Partners, Howell Designs. The reason I consider them both old and new is that although they have blessed Life Styled Honors with their gifts on several occasions while working with former media sponsor The Curvy Fashionista, this year they are doing their own thing as our Media partner.

Howell Designs is co-owned and operated by Barrington Howell and Jasmine Hall, a dynamic duo with amazing gifts and passion to match. Barry and Jasmine are committed to assuring their clients are satisfied and that they get what they need out of working with Howell Designs.

Howell Designs is one of the reasons Life Styled Honors is blessed with so much amazing footage from past events. They are also the reason PHAT Girl Fresh has such great video content being published. Oh, and there are so many other creatives, influencers, and celebrities that like me can vouch for their work.

So yeah, first there was Batman and Robin, then there was Beyonce’ and Jay-Z and now we have Barry and Jasmine another unstoppable pair of creative creatures that are making their mark on the world. Don’t believe me, check out some of the magic they have created for some of our favorite influencers.

Still haven’t purchased your tickets, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON? CLICK HERE to secure your spot at one of the hottest events… PERIOD!

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