LifeStyled Honors Welcomes Back The Curvy Fashionista as Media Sponsor


With only a month and a few days (48 days exactly, but who’s counting?) left, we think it’s pretty safe to say that Life Styled Honors is slowly, but surely, creeping up on us!

That’s why we knew we couldn’t delay any longer in sharing the AMAZING news that our partner and friend, The Curvy Fashionista, will be returning to Life Styled Honors as the official media sponsor! Like, who better to share the Life Styled Honors experience than plus fashion & media royalty, right? THE CURVY FASHIONISTA

So, what exactly does a media sponsor do? Well, it’s pretty simple. They share updates and information from the event on their blog and social media to make sure that you’re in the know of everything going on! They also keep you informed on any developments or special announcements that may happen. Pretty neat, huh?

Make sure you’re following The Curvy Fashionista herehere, here, and here and if you haven’t already, grab your tickets…HERE!  There are only a few tickets left!





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